Our modern modular platform, with all its functionality completely integrated from the ground up using a state-of-the-art technology stack.

It is the first mobile-centric, iOS-native, and VR/AR-ready tech platform in the industry.

Realtime transactional engine is designed to be highly responsive and infinitely scalable, taking advantage of multi-cloud server solutions. Robust by design, the system is able to process thousands of transactions per minute when required, driven by a proprietary PAM (player account management) system with multiple secure wallets.

The entire system is fully automated and powered by next generation AI algorithms, seamlessly adjusting itself to each individual user's sport, team and player preferences and offering only the most relevant and customized content in real time, guaranteed to keep user engagement at the highest level.

The transactional platform is designed for seamless integration with VR hardware, offering a highly immersive experience which combines a 360-degree live streaming environment with a user interface that doesn't have a learning curve. It enables next generation engagement by placing fans directly in the best seats at a game with the ability to interact in real time and in entirely new ways.